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Breast Reconstruction with Implants

A mastectomy is an essential part of some women's fight against breast cancer, but it can leave you feeling like something is missing.

We offer breast reconstruction to help restore your breasts' shape, size, and symmetry with implants.

Learn how Dr. Ravi Tandon can help you rebuild. Our Metairie, LA, surgical center serves patients throughout the ​New Orleans area.

Helping Women Feel Like Themselves Again

For some women, getting a mastectomy is their best chance of fighting breast cancer. But despite its necessity, a mastectomy can leave a woman feeling less like herself. Patients may deal with self-esteem issues, loss of identity, or struggle with femininity. Here at Tandon Plastic Surgery in Metairie, LA, serving greater New Orleans, we're passionate about helping patients restore their breasts. For many, implant reconstruction is a positive step forward after breast cancer treatment.

Breast Implant Reconstruction Provides Several Benefits

Improved self-esteem

Reconstructive surgery can improve your body image and restore your confidence. Instead of feeling like something has been lost, breast implants give you a piece of yourself back.

Restored shape and symmetry

Breast implant surgery brings balance back to your body, allowing you to fit into your favorite clothes and feel good about your body.

Reclaimed sense of identity

Here at Tandon Plastic Surgery, we understand that your breasts play a big part in your identity as a woman. Reconstruction can help you feel more feminine and whole.

Enhanced appearance

Implants mimic the appearance of your natural breasts. There are many types and shapes to choose from, and Dr. Tandon can help select one that will complement your natural figure.

Improved quality of life

Experience life without worrying about how you look or what you've lost. Treatment can represent a new start and help you move on from the stress of breast cancer treatment.

Visit Our Elegant Office to Learn More

Here at Tandon Plastic Surgery, we understand how stressful it can be to go through a mastectomy. While this is typically the best treatment option for breast cancer patients, you may be wondering–what happens after? How will I look or feel?

Our practice is dedicated to helping breast cancer patients confidently move forward. We understand that this is a sensitive topic, and will do our best to make you feel comfortable and at ease when interacting with Dr. Tandon and our staff. Please know that we are always here to answer any questions or concerns you have at any time. If you'd like to learn more or request a consultation, please call our Metairie office, serving greater New Orleans, at:

(504) 455-1000

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Read 5-Star Reviews From Metairie and Greater New Orleans Patients


Kate Leggio


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I met with Dr. Tandon 4 days post a chemo treatment to discuss breast reconstruction options. I was not looking my best (bald, glass, bags under my eyes, and sweatpants) so I walked in feeling self conscious. Dr. Tandon was amazing. He took his time explaining everything and what he thought was best options for me. He made me feel confident and beautiful on a day I felt the worst. I cannot wait to see my results in a few months!

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Judith Corcoran


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Great doctor! Dr. Tandon and his staff really care about you and give you all the facts for you to make the best decision for you!

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Am I the Right Candidate for Breast Reconstruction?

During your consultation at our Metairie office, serving greater New Orleans, Dr. Tandon will walk through your medical history and breast cancer journey to determine your candidacy. There are a few factors to consider before opting for breast reconstruction.

Good overall health

Certain medical conditions may impair healing and cause complications. It's important to be in good overall health and cancer-free to ensure the success of your breast reconstruction surgery.

Realistic goals

A reconstructed breast will not be the same as your natural breast. However, we'll use advanced techniques to create a shape that best fits your desired outcome and look.


Smoking can interfere with the healing process and increase the chance of implant failure. We may ask you to quit smoking and reevaluate your candidacy at a later time.

Body shape

You may be a good candidate for implant reconstruction if you are thin, since you may not have enough extra tissue on your belly, back, or thighs for natural tissue reconstruction.


To achieve better symmetry, it may be necessary to alter the shape and size of the healthy breast. This will allow for a more balanced and proportional result.

Imagine Feeling Comfortable in Your Skin Again

Woman wearing white bra
Breast reconstruction with implants can restore the size, shape, and symmetry of your chest.

The Breast Reconstruction Process

There are two types of breast implant reconstructions: immediate, or direct-to-implant, and delayed surgery. We will determine which option is best for you during your consultation, and fully walk you through the process for each one.

Immediate reconstruction: For immediate reconstruction, implant surgery occurs during your mastectomy. Dr. Tandon will work with your oncologist to plan and coordinate the two procedures. After the cancerous tissue is removed, Dr. Tandon will reconstruct your new breast to maintain the shape and size of your original breast. Additionally, you won't have to experience any time without breasts.

Delayed reconstruction: If you are not receiving implants at the time of your mastectomy, you will undergo delayed reconstruction. Delayed reconstruction can be done after you've healed from your mastectomy, or a few months or years later. The decision is entirely up to you and your surgical team.

Though immediate reconstruction is preferred due to the fact it requires fewer surgeries, sometimes delayed breast reconstruction is necessary. It's best for breast cancer patients who may need chemotherapy or radiation after their mastectomy to delay breast reconstruction. These treatments can adversely affect breast implants and cause complications. A qualified plastic surgeon like Dr. Tandon will keep your best interests in mind and work with your oncologist to determine when to proceed with reconstruction.

Reconstructive Surgery Can Restore Your Figure & Your Confidence

Your doctor will carefully assess your figure and desires. Implants or a natural reconstruction can make you feel whole again.

Delayed Breast Reconstruction Is a Two-Stage Surgical Process

A tissue expander is placed to prepare the area for a breast implant.
Your plastic surgeon will periodically inject saline into the expander, gradually stretching the skin.
After about one month, the expander reaches the desired size, and an implant can be placed.
The tissue expander is removed and replaced with either a saline or silicone implant.
The final stage of both types of procedures involves nipple reconstruction, which is entirely optional. However, it can be an important part of your transformation. You have two options: 3-D tattooing, which is faster and less invasive, or nipple reconstruction using skin from the breast or another area.

Reconnect With Your Body Request a Consultation

Surgical team

After cancer treatment, you may feel detached from your body and may be mourning the loss of how your body used to look. Reconstructive surgery can help you reconnect with and embrace your body once again. Our staff will listen to your wants and needs and restore your breasts to a natural look that matches your figure and desires.

Call to request a consultation at our Metairie office, serving greater New Orleans:

(504) 455-1000

More 5-Star Reviews From Metairie and Greater New Orleans Patients


Adrienne Thomas


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Dr. Tandon's skill rebuilt my body after my cancer surgery, but his caring and compassionate (and humorous) attitude kept my outlook on life on track. I have never been a negative person, but cancer can make you question so much. Dr. Tandon never let me doubt that i could make it through. I would recommend him to everyone who is facing my situation, or who wants a physician who really cares about the total you. Thank you, Dr. Tandon, for everything!

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Theresa Nava


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I had a double mastectomy in January 2018 ,because of breast cancer .I was Sent to Doctor Tandon by Doctor Alfered Colfry my breast oncologist sugeron . Doctor Tandon listened carefully to my concerns reassuring me all the way through this difficult time ,he is very knowledgeable ,skillful plastic sugeron.Doctor Tandon an his staff are kind an caring for there patients .i am very happy with my results I highly recommend him as a sugeron .

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Aftercare FAQ

Is the surgery inpatient or outpatient?

Breast reconstruction surgery is typically an inpatient procedure. However, patients only need to stay one night at the hospital if they've received implants.

How long is the recovery period?

The first six weeks are essential to a healthy and successful recovery. Recovery time varies from patient to patient, but overall you should be able to return to your daily habits and activities after six weeks. 

Will I have pain?

Soreness, numbness, bruising, and swelling are standard parts of recovery. Pain medication can help relieve any discomfort, but excessive bleeding or pain is a sign of a complication. 

When can I exercise?

Abstain from exercise for the next six weeks and avoid heavy lifting. Be easy on yourself and engage in light movements that encourage proper healing and circulation, such as walking around your home. 

Improved Results with Pre-Pectoral Placement

Traditionally, implants used for reconstructive purposes are placed under the muscle. However, a recent shift has developed. Plastic surgeons have realized that placing the implant in front of the muscle offers several benefits:

  • No unnatural appearance when the muscle is flexed
  • Less trauma to surrounding tissue
  • Shorter, more comfortable recovery
  • Avoids compromising muscle function

Dr. Tandon is highly trained in this newly developed technique and can determine whether it is right for you.

Dr. Tandon
Dr. Tandon can implement the latest techniques to restore your appearance.

Find the Procedure Right for You

The type of breast and nipple reconstruction that's recommended will be unique to your needs and desires. Request a consultation with Dr. Tandon at our greater New Orleans office to learn which procedure is right for you.

More 5-Star Reviews From Metairie and Greater New Orleans Patients


Tricia O'Connor


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Dr.Tandon is the best! After being diagnosed with early stage breast cancer Dr. Tandon put my mind to ease at our first meeting. He is compassionate, patient, funny and very talented. A year after my final surgery I can say I’m very pleased with my reconstruction and would recommend Dr. Tandon to anyone in the same situation.

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Kristy mascaro


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The journey of knowing Dr.Tandon over the last few years brings me to tears. I still remember the day my mom found out the pain she had been having in her breast was indeed cancer. Then it began..all the appointments, tests, surgeries, all watching my mom with her courage and strength as I was a wreck inside. Her oncology surgeon Dr. Colfry recommended Dr. Tandon and assured us he was “who he would send his own mom to.” 

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What Are the Risks Involved?

Like all surgical procedures, breast implant reconstruction has some risks. We understand that implant surgery is a big decision, and we are here to educate you on all of the questions you have.


All plastic surgery will cause scarring. However, implant reconstruction involves less scarring than natural tissue reconstruction because the incisions used during mastectomy are the same ones used for implant placement.

Capsular contracture

It is normal for scar tissue to form around an implant over time. However, sometimes hard tissue forms, which can be painful and cause aesthetic problems. If capsular contracture occurs, your plastic surgeon may need to replace the implant.

Other Complications

Implants can rupture, deflate, or cause additional complications. There is also a risk of infection. We will closely monitor you during your recovery to look out for any potential problems and ensure you are healing correctly.

What Is the Cost?

You may be worried about the cost of breast reconstruction. By law, health insurance companies are required to provide coverage for a mastectomy and breast reconstruction. The Women's Health and Cancer Rights of 1998 (WHRCA) passed to ensure all women have protection and access to care. Additionally, Dr. Tandon was personally involved in the passing of a state law that requires hospitals to fully inform breast cancer patients about their surgery options. We are happy to assist you through the filing process and necessary paperwork if you have any questions.

MORE SATISFIED  Metairie and Greater New Orleans Patients


Tessica Andrews


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Time and health are two precious assets that we don't recognize and appreciate until they have been depleted.thank you Dr Tandon you've changed my life in a good way .

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Gerry McKey


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Dr. Tandon is a wonderful and caring doctor. I love love love him and Shannon! Everyone in the office are extremely nice! I would recommend him fifty million times!!

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headshot of Dr. Ravi Tandon, Breast Reconstruction Surgeon in New Orleans

Ravi Tandon, M.D.

Dr. Ravi Tandon is one of the most sought after plastic surgeons who is highly skilled and has trained in the latest breast reconstruction techniques. He is affiliated with various plastic surgery organizations: 

  • American Society of Plastic Surgery
  • American Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery
  • Louisiana Society of Plastic Surgeons

If you are exploring breast reconstruction during, immediately after, or long after your mastectomy, our compassionate team can help. To learn more about your options, request a consultation online or call our practice at (504) 455-1000.

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