Best Bra Options After Breast Reconstruction By Ravi Tandon, M.D. on August 04, 2019

A woman in surgical dressings around her breastsWomen often experienced a newfound sense of self after they’ve undergone breast reconstruction surgery. Dr. Ravi Tandon is proud to help women throughout the New Orleans, LA area feel whole and confident after they’ve beaten breast cancer.

Life after breast reconstruction can take a bit of getting used to, but thankfully we’re here to help. One thing that patients may need help with is picking the right bra after their breast reconstruction is done. Here are a few tips for patients to consider.

Surgical Bras for After the Surgical Procedure

In the early days of breast reconstruction recovery, a good surgical bra is essential. This garment offers support and compression to the breasts as they are healing from the surgery. This helps with pain management, reducing swelling, and providing comfort as a patient heals. We can make recommendations during the consultation process so you have the surgical bra ready for the end of your surgery.

Professional Bra Sizing and Fittings

Once you have fully healed from breast reconstruction surgery, it may be a good idea to get professionally fitted for a bra. This can be done at a lingerie store or a department store that offers such services. There are plenty in the greater New Orleans area to choose from.

Professional fittings help make sure you have the proper cup size and that the bra’s straps, band, and bridge are snug but not too tight. If you’ve never been fitted for a bra, you might be surprised by the difference this can make.

Front Closure Bras May Be Helpful

Sometimes stretching to reach behind your back after breast reconstruction is challenging. You may want to consider a front closure bra instead. Having a bra that fastens and unfastens in the front along the bridge is convenient after breast reconstruction surgery, and will continue to be convenient as you continue healing.

Try to Avoid Underwire Bras

While each patient’s needs are different, we tell many of our breast reconstruction patients to avoid underwire bras if possible. Whether patients have implants or underwent autologous breast reconstruction, underwire tends to be uncomfortable, especially along the undersides of the breasts.

Support and Comfort Are Most Important

When picking a bra after breast reconstruction surgery, comfort and full support should be your two biggest priorities. Find a bra that holds your breasts snugly but does not compress them or push them up in a pronounced way. Try multiple bras to find a few that fit you best and that you enjoy wearing.

Finding a Sports Bra After Surgery

Sports bras offer essential support while you are working out, whether it’s strength training, cardio, or stretching. As with the rest of the advice we’ve noted above, the best thing to do is to try different sports bras and find one that feels right for you. Again, focus on comfort and support without excessive squeezing or compression.

We’re Here to Help Whenever Possible

The advice above is just a starting point. If you have any further questions or concerns, you can reach out to us. We’re here to help women in the greater New Orleans area feel renewed and empowered after their breast reconstruction surgery.

Learn More About Life After Breast Reconstruction Surgery

For more information about practical concerns after you’ve undergone breast reconstruction surgeon, be sure to contact an experienced cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon. Dr. Ravi Tandon and his team can be reached by phone at (504) 455-1000.

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